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Assalammualaikum wbr and Greetings..


Welcome to the Website of the Faculty of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering Technology (FTKMP), Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka (UTeM). Thanks to all who are willing to visit the faculty's website. This page is provided as our best medium for communicating the latest information and activities of the Faculty as much as possible to the audience. In line with the Faculty's Vision and Mission to become an international reference in driving knowledge and skills especially in the field of mechanical and manufacturing engineering technology in line with the nation's development, we at the Faculty strive to produce the graduates with high quality, competitive and are able to continue to progress through better quality management of faculty. FTKMP has three (3) main departments: Department of Mechanical Engineering Technology (JTKM), Department of Manufacturing Engineering Technology (JTKP) and Department of Industrial Technology (JTI). JTKM and JTKP offer Engineering Technology (BEngTech) programmes while JTI offers Technology (BTech) programmes. The list of eleven (11) programmes offered are as follows:


i.       Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering Technology (Automotive Technology) with Honours (BMMA)

ii.      Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering Technology (Refrigeration and Air Conditioning System) With Honours (BMMH)

iii.     Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering Technology (Maintenance Technology) with Honours (BMMM)

iv.     Bachelor of Manufacturing Engineering Technology (Process and Technology) with Honours (BMMP)

v.      Bachelor of Manufacturing Technology (Product Design) With Honours (BMMD)

vi.     Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering Technology with Honours (BMMV) - (broad-based)

vii.    Bachelor of Manufacturing Engineering Technology with Honours (BMMW) - (broad-based)

viii.   Bachelor of Technology in Industrial Machining with Honours (BMMI)

ix.     Bachelor of Technology in Welding with Honours (BMMK)

x.      Bachelor of Technology In Air Conditioning and Refrigeration with Honours (BMMS)

xi.     Bachelor of Technology in Automotive with Honours (BMMF)


These three departments offer students the opportunity to pursue their academic and professional development in a cheerful environment where the students benefit from application-oriented learning that includes Outcome Based Education (OBE). At the Faculty, we provide complete infrastructure and state-of-the-art facilities including lecture halls, laboratories, studios and an attractive atmosphere to meet the needs of all programmes offered. We are also determined to boost research activities by obtaining research grants from various agencies. Research results have been evident through publications in international journals, patents and awards. I invite you to explore our website for more information about our Faculty and programs. Please contact us for further enquiries. We look forward to hearing from you.


Remember our tagline - “UTeM is Melaka and Melaka is UTeM”.


Thank you and Wassalam 


 Dekan PM Umar 2019


Dean, Faculty of Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering Technology



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