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 Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering Technology (Maintenances Technology) with Honours

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Duration : 

 Full Time : (Minimum 4 years and Maximum 6 years)

Department : 

 Department of Mechanical Engineering Technology (JTKM)



Program Educational Objectives (PEO) is specific goals describing expected achievements of graduates in their career and professional life after graduation. Below are the PEO for Faculty of Engineering Technology.


Graduates who are able to practice the knowledge in Mechanical Engineering Technology (Maintenance Technology).


Graduates who are able to engage with continuous development and adapt to evolving technologies.


Graduates who are able to adapt professional ethics and leadership to meet the needs of the society.



Upon completion of this program, graduate should be able to:


Ability to apply knowledge of mathematics, science, engineering fundamentals and engineering specialisation principles to defined and applied engineering procedures, processes, systems or methodologies in the field of Mechanical Engineering Technology (Maintenance Technology).


Ability to solve broadly-defined engineering problems systematically to reach substantiated conclusions, using tools and techniques appropriate to Mechanical Engineering Technology (Maintenance Technology).


Ability to design solutions for broadly-defined engineering technology problems, and to design systems, components or processes to meet specified needs with appropriate consideration for public health and safety, as well as cultural, societal, environmental and sustainability concerns.


Ability to plan and conduct experimental investigations of broadly-defined problems, using data from relevant sources.


Ability to select and apply appropriate techniques, resources and modern engineering tools, with an understanding of their limitations.


Ability to demonstrate an awareness of and consideration for societal, health, safety, legal and cultural issues and their consequent responsibilities relevant to engineering technology practice.


Ability to demonstrate an understanding of the impact of engineering technology practices, taking into account the need for sustainable development.


Ability to demonstrate an understanding of professional ethics, responsibilities and norms of engineering technology practices.


Ability to function effectively as individuals, and as members or leaders in diverse technical teams.


Ability to communicate effectively on broadly-defined engineering activities with the engineering community and society at large.


Ability to demonstrate an awareness of project management, business practices and entrepreneurship.


Ability to recognise the need for professional development and to engage in independent and lifelong learning.


BMMU 1013 Matematik Teknikal
Technical Mathematics
P 3  
BMMM 1062 Fizik
P 2  
BMMA 1303 Grafik Kejuruteraan
Engineering Graphics
K 3  
BMMP 1313 Bahan Kejuruteraan
Engineering Materials
K 3  
BMMP 1323 Proses Pembuatan
Manufacturing Process
K 3  
BMMP 2503 Pengukuran dan Instrumentasi
Measurement and Instrumentation
K 3  
BLHW 1762 Falsafah dan Isu Semasa
Philosophy and Current Issues
W 2  
BKKX XXX1 Kokurikulum I
Cocurriculum I
W 1  
BMMU 1023 Kalkulus untuk Teknologi
Calculus for Technology
P 3  
BMMA 1333 Statik
K 3  
BMMA 1313 Prinsip Elektrik dan Elektronik
Principles of Electric and Electronic
K 3  
BMMH 2303 Termodinamik
K 3  
**BMMA2353 Permodelan dan Analisis Berkomputer
Modelling and Computer Analysis
K 3 BMMA 1303
BLLW 1142 Bahasa Inggeris untuk Tujuan Akademik
English for Academic Purposes
W 2  
BKKX XXX1 Kokurikulum II
Cocurriculum II
W 1  
BMMU 2043 Kaedah Statistik
Statistical Methods
P 3  
BMMA 1323 Reka Bentuk Kejuruteraan
Engineering Design
K 3  
BMMH 2313 Mekanik Bendalir
Fluid Mechanics
K 3  
**BMMM 2313 Dinamik dan Mekanik Mesin
Dynamics and Mechanics of Machine
K 3 BMMA 1333
BMMM 2323 Teknologi Perkakasan Mesin
Machine Tool Technology
K 3  
BMMM 2333 Teknologi Pneumatik dan Hidraulik
Pneumatic and Hydraulic Technology
K 3  
BLLW XXX2 Bahasa Ketiga
Third Language
W 2  
BMMU 2033 Kalkulus Lanjutan untuk Teknologi
Advanced Calculus for Technology
P 3  
BMMH 3323 Kawalan dan Instrumentasi
Control and Instrumentation
K 3  
**BMMM 2303 Mekanik Pepejal
Solid Mechanics
K 3 BMMA 1333
BMMM 2343 Asas Tribologi
Basic Tribology
K 3  
BMMM 2502 Pengenalan kepada Penyelenggaraan
Introduction to Maintenance
K 2  
**BLLW 2152 Penulisan Akademik
Academic Writing
W 2 BLLW 1142
BLHW 2772 Penghayatan Etika dan Peradaban
Appreciation of Ethics and Civilizations
W 2  
BMMM 3513 Motor Industri
Industrial Motor
K 3  
BMMM 3523 Teknologi Penyelenggaraan dan Pengurusan Aset
Maintenance Technology and Asset Management
K 3  
BMMM 3533 Teknologi Penghantaran
Transmission Technology
K 3  
BMMM 3543 Diagnostik dan Pengenalpastian Masalah Penyelenggaraan
Maintenance Diagnostic and Troubleshooting
K 3  
BMMM 3553 Penyelenggaraan Mesin Mekanikal
Mechanical Machine Maintenance
K 3  
**BLLW 3162 Bahasa Inggeris untuk Interaksi Profesional
English for Professional Interaction
W 2 BLLW 2152
***BIPW XXX2 Elektif Umum
General Elective
W 2  
#BMXX XXX0 Kursus Persediaan Pensijilan Profesional
Professional Certificate Preparation Course
P 0  
BMMU 3764 Projek Sarjana Muda I
Bachelor Degree Project I
K 4  
BMMM 3583 Analisis dan Pemantauan Getaran
Vibration Analysis and Monitoring
K 3  
BLHC 4032 Pemikiran Kritis dan Kreatif
Critical and Creative Thinking
W 2  
*BMMM XXX3 Elektif I
Elective I
E 3  
*BMMM XXX3 Elektif II
Elective II
E 3  
*BMMX XXX3 Elektif III
Elective III
E 3  
BMMU 4053 Etika Kejuruteraan dan KKPP
Engineering Ethics and OSHE
P 3  
BMMM 4564 Pemeriksaan dan Penyelenggaraan Bangunan
Building Inspection and Maintenance
K 4  
BMMM 4602 Kesedaran Penyelenggaraan dalam Reka Bentuk
Maintenance Awareness in Design
K 2  
BMMM 4623 Analisis Minyak dan Serpihan
Oil and Wear Debris Analysis
K 3  
**BMMU 4774 Projek Sarjana Muda II
Bachelor Degree Project II
K 4  
BTMW 4012 Keusahawanan Teknologi
Technology Entrepreneurship
W 2 BLLW 2152
BMMU 4786 Latihan Industri
Industrial Training
K 6  
BMMU 4796 Laporan Latihan Industri
Industrial Training Report
K 6  


 ** Pre-requisite subject 
* For Elective I, II and III students may choose any THREE (3) subjects from the list below:

Category :






BMMH 4593

Akustik & Getaran Gunaan HVAC

HVAC Applied Acoustic & Vibration


BMMH 4613

Teknologi Hijau HVAC

HVAC Green Technology


BMMH 3583

Permodelan & Analisis HVAC

HVAC Modelling & Analysis


BMMM 3593

Penentukuran Instrumen

Instrument Calibration


BMMH 4623

Pengurusan Projek

Project Management


***     For General elective, students may choose any ONE (1) subject from the list below:




BLHW 1722

Falsafah Sains Dan Teknologi

Philosophy of Science and Technology

BLHC 4012

Komunikasi Organisasi

Organizational Communication

BLHH 1032

Psikologi Industri dan Organisasi

Industrial Psycology and Organization

BLHC 4022

Kemahiran Perundingan

Negotiation Skills


#             For Professional Certificate Preparation Course, student may choose any ONE (1) certificate from the list below:




BMMH 3100

Pre Certification For Flammable Refrigerant Personnel

BMMP 3100

Certified SolidWorks Professional (CSWP)

BMMA 3100

Certified Catia V6 – Part Design Associate

BMMD 3100

Certified Hypermesh





Note: The subject Foundation English Programme, BLHL 1010 is meant for all MUET Band 2 & 3 students ONLY. Students from cohort 2016/2017 will have to obtain MUET Band 4 and above to fulfill the graduation requirement.

  • W - University Compulsory Subjects
  • P - Program Core Subjects
  • K - Course Core Subjects
  • E - Elective 





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