Department of Industrial Technology

What is Industrial Technology?

Industrial Technology is structured to support manufacturing or mechanical operations where engineers pass plans and projects to mid-management personnel, who must carry out the planning, designing, processing, fabricating, maintaining and managing technological based projects. The curriculum has a strong emphasis in technical skills on manufacturing, mechanical and electrical, oil and gas and automotive industries.

About the Department

The Department of Industrial Technology (JTI) is one of 3 engineering technology departments established under the Faculty of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering Technology, Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka (UTeM). Strategically located at the Industrial Campus, Hang Tuah Jaya, the Department offers technology based programs leading to the Bachelor of Technology in areas of manufacturing, currently focused on machining and welding. Presently, there are a combinations of lecturers, teaching engineers and technicians working together under this department, most of them equipped with different areas of expertise and have several years of industrial experience.

The aim of this department is to produce highly competent graduates with the technical skills to enter careers with the ability to perform fabrication, component inspection and implement technical communication in their careers. The department is also pro-active in ensuring that the quality of teaching & learning which based on application-oriented is parallel with the Malaysian Board of Technology (MBOT).

Course Offered

  • Bachelor of Technology in Welding with Honours
  • Bachelor of Technology in Industrial Machining with Honours
  • Bachelor of Technology In Air Conditioning and Refrigeration with Honours
  • Bachelor of Technology in Automotive with Honours

Career Prospects

Most graduates from JTI’s program at the bachelor’s degree level will work for the relevant industry with possible to become entrepreneurs. The common job titles for entry-level graduates include: Technologist, Product Design Experts, Maintenance Experts, Technical Quality Experts, Metallurgist, Welding Professional, Machinist, Technical Managers and Technopreneurs.


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