Dean's Foreword


Welcome to Faculty of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering Technology. The faculty was established on 1st July 2018 and offering mechanical and manufacturing programs and basically developed to instill a strong engineering foundation, so that graduates of respective programs are proficient in solving mechanical and manufacturing engineering related problems. This will ensure graduates able to function effectively in their career.

This Faculty is an extended from Faculty of Engineering Technology (previously known as FTK) which was established on 11 April 2011 and the first intake was in September 2011. The faculty is currently empowered by 147 staffs and 1400 students.

We deliver an extensive and diverse range of undergraduate’s coursework by offering 7 full time degree programs and 1 part time degree program. To support these needs, the Faculty has developed the real hands-on (practical-oriented) to enhance the understanding of the theory given during lecture. The activities have been developed for students so that it will not only provide better understanding of the concepts learned but also high skills in equipment handling and ability to solve problem given and fulfil the human capital requirement of industrial needs.

Finally, as a Dean of faculty, I’m strongly believed that FTKMP is a home for those who are eager to learn the new knowledge of engineering technology particularly IR 4.0. In addition, the students are also equipped with high-end technology of lab facilities and more experienced lecturer dan teaching engineer from various industries.

Thank you and Wassalam.


Faculty of Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering Technology


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