Dean's Foreword 2019


On behalf of the faculty, I would like to welcome all of you to the Faculty of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering Technology (FTKMP). FTKMP was established on 1 July 2018 after the Faculty of Engineering Technology (formerly known FTK and established on 11 April 2011) was restructured into two new faculties (FTKMP and FTKEE).

The Faculty consists of the Department of Mechanical Engineering Technology (JTKM), Department of Manufacturing Engineering Technology (JTKP), and the new one is the Department of Industry Technology (JTI). Currently, there are about 154 staff and 1523 students in the Faculty. Our extensive and diverse range of undergraduate programs covers nine full-time degree BEngTech and BTecH programs which are BMMA, BMMH, BMMM, BMMV, BMMD, BMMP, BMMW, BMMK, and BMMI.

Started on 2019/2020, FTKMP was successfully offered the BTecH program for the graduates from DVM/DKM/DLKM, whereby this is our first time to receive the graduates from Vocational College. Both programs (BEngTecH and BTecH) provide hands-on (practical-oriented) teaching and learning experience to the students, in addition to the theory given during lectures. It is our aim that you will be able to develop equipment handling and problem-solving skills in accordance with industrial needs.

This will ensure you are ready for a career in the selected technological field. Finally, I hope that you will take this opportunity to obtain a strong technological foundation and become competent in solving mechanical and manufacturing engineering technology-related problems. 

I welcome you to join the FTKMP and I wish you had a wonderful study life at Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka (UTeM). 

UTeM is Melaka and Melaka is UTeM. Thank you and Wassalam. 


 Dekan PM Umar 2019


Dean, Faculty of Mechanical & Manufacturing Engineering Technology



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